What is Human Trafficking

“Approximately 800,000 to 900,000 victims annually trafficked across international borders worldwide.  Between 18,000 and 20,000 victims trafficked into United States annually.  More than half of victims trafficked into United States are thought to be children; victims are probably about equally women and men” (sewa-aifw.org).Some of you may ask yourself, “What is human trafficking?” The real question is, “Why don’t you know what human trafficking is?” Understand that human trafficking isn’t the same as human smuggling, which is transporting people illegally into another country, but it is modern-day slavery. There are more slaves today than there ever was when slavery was at its peak.  Slavery hasn’t stopped, it just went from legal to illegal.  Human trafficking is the second highest criminal act which is illegal, and it’s the fastest growing.  Human trafficking in a nutshell is taking advantage of people who don’t have a place to stay or can’t find help and forcing them to do labor or sex.

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