Vicious Cycle of Slavery

“To our knowledge, no population of women studied previously has had a crude mortality rate, standardized mortality ration, or percentage of deaths due to murder even approximating those observed in our cohort. The workplace homicide rate for prostitutes (204 per 100,000) is many times higher than that for women and men in the standard occupations that had the highest workplace homicide rates in the united states during the 1980s (4 per 100,000 for female liquor store workers and 29 per 100,000 for male taxicab drivers) (

There is limited research on the life span of human trafficked victim; however it’s the most deadly job of all. The victims encounter unprotected sex daily and they are consistently abused.  Generally victims have mental issues after they are rescued or they have managed to escape.  Sometimes the customer kills the victim for any reason and can simply pay the human trafficker off.  The victims are known to having premature death since they are not given medication to overcome the sickness they gain from the unprotected sex.   Sadly, human trafficking is viewed by the human traffickers as a business, so when supply goes down (the victims), and the demand stays high, then they recruit more victims which makesa vicious cycle of slavery.

The first part of the cycle is recruiting the victims. They target people who come from broken homes or are vulnerable.   Human traffickers use force, fraud, or corrosion to capture their victims.  They use force by beating them and  abusing them into submission till they follow what they are told.  They use fraud by promising a better future or a job and mislead the victim into a situation where they can’t escape.  Generally they are in a different or unfamiliar area where the language spoken is different, so they have nowhere else to go they end up staying.  They use corrosion by telling the victim if they escape, they know where your family lives and how they will kill them or by telling their family that they are a prostitute thus the family resents the victims.  In some cultures, once the family hears their child or relative is a prostitute, they are embarrassed and they simply disown them.  The human traffickers use one or all three depending on the situation but all of them are horrible situations since mostly all the victims come from poverty or families where they choose not to return or they have nowhere else to run.

Once they have acquired their victims, they immediately put them to work.  If they refuse to work they are beaten and punished till they do.  The girl victims usually have their virginity sold at a high price.  Once they are no longer virgins then their price drops and then they are sold into brothels where they are raped multiple times throughout the day.  They are prone to sickness due to the unprotected sex and pregnancies.  If they do become pregnant then they are sent to get an abortion and once she is able to stand they are back to work (The Road of Lost Innocence). Regarding forced labor, they usually work seven days a week with poor working conditions and no break.  They are treated exactly like slaves when it was once legal.  In forced labor or sex, eventually they die off through sickness, exhaustion, or malnutrition.  And once they do the human traffickers go to recruit more victims which completes the vicious cycle of slavery.

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    1.) What I really like is the pictures you have added so the information doesn’t seem too overwhelming and dull because there is so much.
    2.) What I feel you could work on is changing the background so it seems more personal to you and fits the mood of the overall website.
    3.) The organization is in chronological order which makes perfect sense and always works.

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